Monday, February 8, 2016

Step into Our Vendors' Homes: Meet Paulette

As part of an ongoing monthly series we will be entering the homes of our talented Ramshackled Treasures vendors. They will show us their recent DIYs, room remodels and favorite furniture refinishes. Prepare yourself to learn, share and be inspired!

Last month you met Tammi and saw her gorgeous office remodel. This month we are excited to introduce you to Paulette! In this Valentines month it feels so appropriate to share Paulette's story because she truly has a heart overflowing with love for those around her.

Paulette joined Ramshackled Treasures 9 years ago. Stacey, the RT's owner, is Paulette's daughter so it's a fun opportunity for mother and daughter to work and spend more time together. Paulette has been a sewer all of her life and now that she is a senior citizen, she finds joy in creating meaningful gifts for friends and family and also making microwave hot pads, pillows, aprons, tea rags & "mug rugs" for the Ramshackled gift shop.

Over the years, Paulette has turned her town home into a little-slice-of-heaven. Her home feels very peaceful and is furnished with a lot of furniture from the shop. 

She chose to show us her sewing room for this months's feature, because it is the place where she loves to create. It is also very special to her because it was a room her son, Rick, remodeled for her eight months before he passed away.

"When Rick passed away I spent a lot of time here journaling on his Caring Bridge site. And afterward they let you print a book and so I plan to give that to his children when they are older." Paulette said. "...This is also (the room) where I honor my grandchildren." Paulette pointed to pictures of her grandchildren in frames and pinned to her bulletin board.

When asked where she gets inspiration for her creations Paulette said she references Pinterest, hunts for unique patterns, or sometimes an idea will hit to her when she comes across a pretty bolt of fabric. 

"I used to only buy fabric when I had a project for it, now I'm not that way. If I see fabric that I like I buy it even if I have no use for it." She laughed. "I need to stop that." However, many of these odds and ends that she has neatly folded and organized in bins later become scraps for quilts and coasters. We agree, sometimes fabric is just too nummy to pass by! 

Fabric cutting table

Sewing work station

Besides creating gift shop items, she also likes to make quilts for friends who are expecting babies or have lost a loved one.

(Sneak Peak: She is in the middle of several quilt projects too!)

In and gray quilt for a friends baby. LOVE! 

Sewing together the squares for a blue and white quilt. 

Paulette's quilts are like little memories to the people who receive them. She wants people to feel loved or have something to remember a loved one by.

Paulette is looking forward to her granddaughter Grace's upcoming wedding.  And the pajama party she is throwing with all her grandkids in March. 

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