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Meet our vendors

Meet the Vendors: Stacey McDevitt – Owner of Ramshackled Treasures

Dealer #: 40
Hometown: Mound, MN
Years Creating: 9
Spotlights: Stacey’s focuses her creativity on painting furniture - taking a discarded, unloved treasure and reworking it to a beautiful piece of art.
Inspiration: Home décor and decorating magazines – especially Ballard Designs

Stacey lives in Zimmerman, MN with her husband Dean, and three amazing children, Grace, Lily and Connor.  Growing up on Lake Minnetonka, she fell in love with the “lake life” and wanted to be able to share that with her kids.  They found their lake up north in Zimmerman and have lived there for the past 15 years.

Having champagne tastes on a beer budget, has guided Stacey into the world of junking and converting it into a attractive, functional furniture.  Her most memorable piece was an old door she wanted to convert into a table, but was waiting for the perfect chairs.  One day on Craigslist she found a rod-iron patio set – the table top was hideous but the chairs and legs of the table were amazing.  She changed her design to be more outdoor focused (using a sealant and upholstery that would sustain MN weather.  The results were wonderful and to this day she regrets not keeping it for herself. 

Graduating from Mankato State University with a degree in Mass Communications, she was able to find a career as an Event Coordinator in the non-profit sector for several years.  She changed careers to be a full-time mom and homeschooled her children.  She always knew she wanted to run a business of her own, so when the opportunity came her way, she took it and is now the owner of Ramshackled Treasures. 

When asked about owning Ramshackled Treasures, Stacey said, “One of the best parts of owning RT is meeting all the creative talent not only in the junking world but also the talent we have and have had at our shop. There are some amazingly gifted women out there and I love that RT gives them the ability to showcase their wonderful talent.”

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Sarah Shult

Years at RT: One
What do you create: Furniture & Home Decor
Favorite tool to use: Stain and Chalk Paint
Favorite collection: Lampshades, Drawer Pulls/Handles, Frames, Mirrors 
Something interesting about Me:I have four children under the age of nine!

Kim Pomerenke

Years at RT: Almost One Year 
What do you create: I re-purpose vintage jewelry, clothing and home goods. I design custom broach bouquets. I am constantly on the go looking for jewelry at flea markets, curbs, estate sales, garage sales and antique shops
Favorite tool to use: A wire cutter.  I have invested in three good  

Heidi Miller

Years at RT: One 
What do you create:I take tremendous pleasure in finding antique industrial pieces as well as vintage cast offs and repurposing them into beautiful and functional works of art. From one of a kind jewelry designs to resurrected and re-inspired "junk", I find second, and sometimes third life where least expected. 
Favorite tool to use: Wire Cutters 
Favorite collection: Hair Pins  

Michelle Dosch

Years at RT: Three  
What do you create: I create furniture and one-of-a-kind smalls    
Favorite tool to use: My Mouse Sander 
Favorite collection: My Soup Tureens
 Favorite Junking Spot:I  love my junking spot! But That's a secret.


 Aimee Burch

Years at RT: 8
What do you create: I make glorified dirt pottery and repurposed treasures
Favorite tool to use: My nail trimmer and words. I Love to embellish with God's words. 
Favortie Junk Spot: 
I love those phone calls from friends that have something they want to get rid of/thrift shops 

 Cherly Parker
My Ramshackled Life:
I am dealer #41.  I chose that number because something very special happened to me in my 41st year, my sweet daughter, Norah Lee was born. I have six wonderful children, 3 amazing in-law kids and four adorable grandchildren.  My faithful husband has stuck with me for nearly 30 years.  My whole life I have wanted to be an artist.  Drawing, sculpting and painting never adequately transferred from my brain to my hands so I gave up those pursuits.  I discovered I could be an artist, but in a non-traditional way.  There have been a variety of mediums I have used over the years but I nearly always come back to fibers- fabrics and yarn.   I love working at Ramshackled Treasures and have been at the shop for nine fun and creative years.  The shop inspires me and I love how it has evolved over the years. I started out embellishing denim jackets for little girls. Over the years I have made purses, totes, scarves, hats, hairbows and headbands for the store. For many years I have enjoyed stenciling.  Making signs utilizes my past skills in a new way and I am loving it.  When I am in my craft room I love to crank the music, sip some Earl Grey tea and be inspired by my stacks of fabrics, bundles of patterns, skeins of yarn, idea books, jars of buttons and other sundries I have stockpiled.  Most of us think Ramshackled Treasures is named for the delightful creations our staff comes up with, but to me the true treasures at Ramshackled are the people

Julie Ostendorf

Years at RT: Two Years 
What do you create: I like to think of myself as the "Unplanned Creative".  I start with a project I want to do and let it take on a life as I move along in the process.  (It is such an inspiring process!) 
 Favorite collection: I am adoringly known to my daughters, family and friends as the "furniture hoarder"!   A couple years ago I became an "empty-nester".  (Ugh :-(.)  I have a full-time job, but on the side I needed to do something to feed my passion for "furniture" and "treasures" as I like to call them.

Terri Dressel

Years at RT: Four 
What do you create: Mittens and Boot Toppers 
Favorite tool to use: My Creative Spirit 
Favorite Junk Spot: I love to go to rummage sales on bag day and load up on wool sweaters and anything with cool buttons.

Paulette Carlson

Years at RT: Eight
What do you create: Aprons, Pillows, Table Runners and Microwave  Hot Pads
Favorite tool to use: Sewing Machine and Rotary Cutter 
Favorite collection: Anything Fabric! 
Something interesting about Me:I  am the shop owner’s mommy

Mary Arellano

Years at RT: Five 
 What do you create: Frame Your Dangles and Salvaged Words 
 Favorite tool to use: E-6000 Glue
 Favorite Junk Spot  No one particular spot but rather everyone's yard sales

Tammi Arnhalt

Years at RT: Over Two Years 
 What do you create: I create goat’s milk lotions and soaps, 100% soy candles in recycled bottles and refurbish furniture 
 Favorite tool to use: My hubby!  He can build anything and is very creative. 
 Favorite Junking Spot: Thrift Stores  

Cathy and Dick Hoheisel

Years at RT: Three Years 
What do you create: Metal Art 
Favorite tool to use: Plasma Cutter 
 Favorite Junking Spot: Etsy

Charlie Reinke

Years at RT: Over Two  
What do you create: Hello friends, I am the owner and creator of Whiskey River Accents. WRA was birth four years ago when my wife, Robin, saw a 24 inch "You are my sunshine" sign in a Stillwater shop for $250.00. I told her I can make that for less if she really wanted it. When I did everyone who saw it said they wanted one! We currently have more than 80 different designs. Our current line of products include signs, picture frames and other miscellaneous home decor  

Melissa Frankman

Years at RT: Less than one year
What do you create: Frames and décor from recycled pallets 
 Favorite tool to use: My 20 year old paint brush 
 Favorite Junking Spot: Habitat for Humanity Re-Use it store. They have tons of old pallets!

Joel & Stephanie Steen 

Years at RT: One 
 What do you create: Hand painted art/inspirational sayings and quotations on 100 year old Minnesota barn wood.  Also antique furniture where we can incorporate the barn wood into each piece.  
Favorite tool to use: Stephanie - paint brush Joel - sliding chop saw/miter saw. Favorite Junking Spot: Joel says~ " Like a good fishermen never give up  your hot spot. Joel dreams of wandering onto a 100 year old farmstead and the owner tells him that he has a barn full of old stuff that he can help himself to for free.
Favorite Collection:
Our favorite collection would have to be our antique kitchen appliances, tools and glass Ball jars. We love to find pieces that are rare and their stories are just as unique
Deb Adams

Years at RT: Ten Creative Years  
What do you create: Ms.Misc I'm electic in too much...nostalgic/vintage smalls/glassware/repurposed pallets/raw wood. Always searching for my art creation.
 Favorite tool to use: Ryobi tool system. Easy to handle/affordable.Go Girl Power! Favorite collection:
Truly the thrill of the hunt...thrift stores, garage sales and everything in between. The collecting gene honors my grandparents with early years spent hunting at church bazaars with Grandma adding to her many collections. Then with Grandaddy in his 200 yr old barn in New England crafting his living as an Antiques refurbisher/upholster with memories of the sweet smell of sawdust heart is full when creating for Ramshackled Treasures





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