Monday, January 11, 2016

Step into Our Vendors' Homes: Meet Tammi

As part of an ongoing monthly series we will be entering the homes of our talented Ramshackled Treasures vendors. They will show us their recent DIYs, room remodels and favorite furniture refinishes. Prepare yourself to learn, share and be inspired!

In December you met Aimee and saw her amazing Buffet Builtin. Now January is Tammi month! This Ramshackled vendor is bursting with creativity and you can't help but walk into her home and be inspired. Today she is sharing with us her "Rustic *Bling*" office reveal. 

Between creating fabulous one-of-a-kind furniture and making soaps and lotions for the shop, Tammi is one busy lady. Therefore, having an inspiring, organized office is important to the functionality of her business. This past week, she put the final touches on her home office and, now, we get to see it revealed in all its gorgeousness! 

Office Before

"The office was very Country-Shabby Chic before, and I wanted it more blingy. The older I get, the more girly I get," Tammi explains.

Tammi and her husband, Jerry, tore out the carpet and replaced with a high-quality laminate. The red oak trim also went away and was replaced with wider white trim. The closet doors were epoxied in a clean white color. She chose to paint the walls Benjamin Moore "Colonial Grey" which added a nice contrast with the white trim.

Then the hunt began for the perfect pieces to organize her space. She found this entertainment center on an auction site. She decided to paint it and turn it into a supply cabinet to house her paper goods and printer.


She used Country Chic's "Cobblestone" gray paint and dry brushed "Cheesecake" over that. She then dry distressed the whole piece with sand paper and applied a glaze on top of that. The overall patina effect made a relativity "new" entertainment center look like an antique French armoire--and a $50 purchase look like a million bucks!

She wanted to incorporate a lot of metallics in her office--especially silver and gold. She even spray painted some little boxes from pink and white to a shiny silver.

She created a cork board out of an gold frame and purchased the banner from another vendor at the shop.

This little table was another fun garage sale find. 

Filing cabinet....another $30 find! 

"It feels clean to me, before it was too busy and messy so it didn't make me feel peaceful," Tammi explained about her office.


"I think people should remodel every 11-14 years," Tammi explained. "If you keep doing that then you keep up on it, but if you wait until you have a 70's looking home, its overwhelming."

When asked how she would describe her style she laughed, "Eclectic...Deb (another vendor at the shop) called it 'rustic lux' and I think that that describes it well. I love rustic elements like the pallet boards, but I also like bling with it. I love to take something really shabby and put an awesome shinny nob on it and it give it a whole different look.

"One of the first things people say when they come to our home is 'It feels so peaceful' and there are several reasons for that, spiritual reasons included, but I think its because if you keep things tidy and if you can create balance in how you decorate so that it's not too cluttered but it's tasteful; kind of a feng shui idea, I suppose, then people will feel comfortable in the home."

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