Monday, December 14, 2015

Step into Our Vendors' Homes: Meet Aimee (aka MacGyver)

As part of a new monthly series we will be entering the homes of our talented Ramshackled Treasures vendors. They will show us their recent DIYs, room remodels and favorite furniture refinishes. Prepare yourself to learn, share and be inspired!

Aimee (#32) has been nicknamed "MacGyver" by our small tribe at the shop. She is petite, gentle and full of joy--yet she also enjoys using her power tools and busting out walls. We shake our heads in amazement when she brings a piece of furniture into the shop that she built from scratch. 

Aimee and her family moved into their current split-entry home in Zimmerman, MN last June. They have already tackled some stunning remodels in this short time. MacGyver describes her personal style as "eclectic, but classic" and was happy to share about the panty and the buffet that she created in her kitchen out of repurposed furniture and salvage pieces. 


Construction photo--in progress

Their new home didn't have very much storage--especially in the kitchen so Aimee decided to build a pantry cabinet, creating the main body of the piece out of a bookshelf. Believe it or not, there used to be a door where this cabinet is now nestled, Aimee and her husband sealed up that door, created a wall and then installed a new french door to the right of it, thus creating a more harmonizing layout in the space. 

Aimee created custom doors for the pantry out of plywood and constructed the top section from a separate piece. The custom cabinet looks seamless--as though it's always been in the house. 


"I hate sheetrock," Aimee admits. "I think it's gross." So, when she and her family moved into their new home she had plans for the wall between the kitchen and the living room. You see, years ago, a realtor friend had contacted her:

"We are trying to close on a house, but the buyer wont take it unless these two buffets go away," they said. Aimee was all over it and brought home the two, heavy antique buffet builtins. She sold one at the shop and kept one for herself, planning to put it in her own home one day. 

Builtin installation in progress!

After knocking down the wall, the built in had to be taken up in three pieces and reassembled. They also had to create a platform for it to sit on for the air vent underneath.

Aimee also created a textured back (no more sheetrock!) out of wood wall paneling. She preferred the rough texture of the backside of the paneling as apposed to the finished side and so, she mounted it with the backside facing out. Brilliant!

"Its always a scavenger hunt when I go out in the garage to find the perfect pieces for my projects," she says. "Sometimes its just adding trim and new profiles to a piece that takes it from 'there's more than one,' to 'there's only one of its kind' and that's what makes it desirable. Its the bumps and changes in depth that make painting so fun, because then when you distress it, they'll stand out." Aimee also adds, "I don't think anything should be thrown away."

MacGyver, indeed. 

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