Monday, December 7, 2015

Whitewashing with Country Chic Paint

Have you ever wondered how to get that whitewashed look like you see in old houses and barns? Whitewashing is so easy and just involves thinning your paint with water. Ask anyone at our shop and we will tell you that Country Chic paint is our very favorite for whitewashing and just regular painting.


"First of all, Country Chic Paint is eco-friendly and pretty much odorless! This is a huge plus when you consider your health, your family and the environment. Secondly, the paint is super easy to use - there is little to no prep work and it dries really quickly! Thirdly, we love how easy it is to create a distressed look without using sanding tools…all you need is a wet cloth!" ~Country Chic

Country Chic paint comes in many appealing colors to accent the furniture in your home. We sell these colors in sample, pint and quart sizes at Ramshackled Treasures

A few colors recommended for whitewashing are...


Vanilla Frosting


If you plan to whitewash a piece of furniture make sure that it is either:

-Sanded so the wood is free of old varnish
-It is a raw/virgin wood
-Old dry wood with little varnish remaining

*This old antique cabinet we did didn't need to be sanded because it was very old and dry and it soaked up the whitewash like a sponge! 

Watch this 3 minute video from Country Chic to learn how to whitewash your furniture and crafts.

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