Monday, September 14, 2015

Readying Your Front Porch for Fall for Under $20

Your front porch is the welcoming space to your home. It sets the stage, inviting guests to enter. But we don't think about it that often, at least, I don't. I tend to think about the rest of the house: the gardens, the interior and neglect that very important slab of concrete. 

I actually enjoy decorating on a budget. Before starting my projects, I predetermine how much I want to spend (which, of course, the answer is $0) and realistically how much I probably will spend. Then I set a goal and try to stick to that as I shop for the best bargains.

The following are some money-saving tips on how to prep your home exterior for the busy fall season! 

Clean - $0

I know, I know...this should be a no-brainer, but never underestimate the power of a little elbow grease! Take 15 minutes to wash your glass windows and sweep. Use a scrub brush and warm vinegar water to wash your porch siding and get rid of the old spiderwebs and bug spittle. 

Paint your Front Door - $3.48

Paint is always the cheapest decorating option that has the biggest impact. My front door was a scuffed, brownish-red color that made me feel bored when I looked at it. I decided to take an hour and paint it. 

If you are only planning on painting one door you don't need to buy a whole quart of paint which usually ranges from $17-20. Instead, buy an 8oz sample pot of Behr Premium Plus from Home Depot for $3.48. It's an interior/exterior paint and has a paint/primer in one (pictured above). 

I chose the color "Opal Silk" and had it mixed in the sample pot. It's a bluish-green color so I wasn't certain it was going to look good with my green siding, but I wanted to do something bright and cheerful so I decided to wing it and hope for the best. 

When painting your front door use a small sponge roller and tray, it conserves the paint and makes it spread evenly. If your door has panels you'll have to use a bristle brush on those areas and around the handles.

I slapped two coats on the door, stood back and was really please with how welcoming and unique the blue looked. 

                                   Before                                                                            After

Use what you have - $0

Dig around in the garage and storage areas of your home and look for: flower pots, tin wash tubs, metal watering cans, planter boxes, burlap bags, and baskets. Use these as containers to display bushels of apples, gourds, pumpkins, dried twigs or planted flowers.

Bring out the unexpected - $0

Going along with the use-what-you-have moto, bring the unexpected to your front porch. I found this antique chair and copper lantern in my garage and put them both outside. Try to think outside the box with this one. C
halkboards and antique windows are also a great way to communicate a festive fall message to all of your guests. 

Door Decor - $5

I had this wood letter (from Michaels $4) laying in my craft bin for two years and decided to finally use it. I decided to turn it into a door hanger. I bought a package to jute for $1 at Dollar Tree and I wrapped...and wrapped...and wrapped...(much like an embalmer dressing a mummy). 

Every once and a while I'd hot glue the back to keep the jute from sliding off to one side. I started by wrapping it vertically and once I covered as much surface area as possible, then, tied it off and wrapped it horizontally. 

The whole process took about 30 minutes. 

To finish it off, glue a ribbon on the front and staple a strip of burlap on the back to hang it. Easy peasy! 

What to acquire - $12-$20

What would autumn be without mums and pumpkins?! 

I bought three plants for under $12 at Walmart. 

Many local orchards and farms host harvest festivals in late September-October and you can go and cut pumpkins yourself! This is such a fun activity--especially if you have young children. Farmers markets also carry a variety of pumpkins, gourds and squash at a far price. Remember to buy odd numbers! 

Fall Decor at Ramshackled Treasures

If you don't want to think about making your own decor--no sweat! Ramshackled Treasures has burlap & denim pumpkins for sale, burlap bunting and more fall decor on it's way! 

Under $20 front porch reveal! 

What do you think? Do you have any outdoor fall decorating tips? Share your success below! We love to swap ideas! 

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