Monday, August 10, 2015

Designer Looks for Your Home at Ramshackled Treasures

Would you like your home to have custom feel & vintage charm? Do you ever feel at a loss as how to unite all of your abstract ideas and Pinterest pins into one pallet for your home? Do you wish that you could be a client on an HGTV show like "Fixer Upper" and have an amazing designer like Joanna Gaines decorate your home to magazine perfection? 

Um, of course! Who wouldn’t?! 

(Designer Joanna Gaines, enjoys adding chipped and shabby pieces to add color to a neural backdrop. This makes the home feel warm and charming.)

But we're guessing you don't have Joanna on retainer, right? Today, we are going to show you how to get those custom HGTV "Fixer Upper" looks in your home with products we sell at Ramshackled Treasures.

Metal Lettering

Brown stand up metal letters from Ramshackled Treasures 

If you’re a design blog fanatic like we are, you’ll know that metal lettering is à la mode these days. We sell these metal letters in the shop! They can be mounted on a wall to spell a meaningful word or phrase, or stand upright for a table display (as shown in the photo)! These letters come in various rustic metals ranging from $16-$28 each and are also available for special order. 

Barn Wood Furniture

Barn wood is all the rage these days and custom barn wood furniture will cost you a pretty penny. But it doesn’t have to! We have barn wood coffee tables, buffet tables, sofa tables, and even beds! All made by our talented, local vendors here in the store. 

Oh, my goose! Could this be any cuter? And it's unexpectedly practical too. See, this doesn't have 24 little drawers at all--it actually has two doors and opens up like a cupboard--so much storage! At the store for $369.

Rustic barn wood buffet or sofa table or side table--whatever you want to use it for. Simple and very "Fixer Upper"-esque. Don't you think? $249 at the store. 

Barn Wood Signs

Wait…barn wood AND signs? You see a lot of these incorporated in the "Fixer Upper" design on the show because they are just so fabulous. We have dozens and dozens of different colors, designs and phrases to pick from that will add a touch or country chic and personality to your home. 

French Country Chalk Board 

French country is popular right now...but when hasn’t it been? I think what makes it so lovable it that it is timeless. It will never go out of style and it blends well with pretty much any other home style you have going on: shabby chic, vintage, industrial, farm house, contemporary, see what I mean? It just goes with anything. 

Large Patisserie Sign $69 in the store now!

What do you think? In what ways do you incorporate designer looks in your home? What ideas have you "stolen" from shows and DIY blogs? Comment below, we'd love to hear your thoughts! 

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