Sunday, May 17, 2015

HOW TO: Fill holes to add new hardware

Many of us vendors at Ramshackled Treasures love replacing old hardware, drawer knobs,pulls or handles on our pieces to give them a fresh new life after painting/staining them.
Sometimes new holes are needed to add the new hardware. I have tried a few different products and techniques to fill holes but always had the old holes still showing through. After asking around other RT vendors and personal experimenting, I came up with a technique that I like the best.

First you need to remove the hardware and do some light sanding in the area to make it level and  clean.
Then take a piece of scotch tape on the inside/backside of the hole on the piece you are filling, this helps to keeps the hole level and even while adding the filler.

Then I mix up a batch of this Minwax wood filler (a product called Bondo works just the same).  You will need to do this in a very well ventilated are because this stuff STINKS.

  I use a dish covered with tin foil for mixing which makes for easy clean up. 
Start shoveling the filler in the hole, be sure to fill in completely, scrape of some of the excess but leave a small mound.
You will need to wait at least an hour for the filler to dry completely. Once dried use a grit sandpaper (60 ot 80 grit) to sand off the excess and make it as relatively even as possible.

You can be done or repeat after this step but I like to finish off with this stainable wood filler also by Minwax, this is ready to use and no odor.

Smudge into the hole and let dry for about 20 mins.
Finally use a 100 grit or higher sandpaper to smooth and level.

Here is a photo after 1 coat of paint, I use 2 coats and then seal it.

This is the finished desk:)

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