Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Ramshackled's 11 Year Anniversary Contest!

In celebration of the Ramshackled Treasures 11 year anniversary (in April) we are hosting a contest between our vendors. We wanted to see just how far 1 quart and 1 pint of Country Chic paint would go and how each vendor would use the color of their choice on a grouping of furniture and decor. 

We want YOU TO VOTE for your favorite picture for A CHANCE TO WIN a quart of Country Chic Paint ($37 value)! 

How? Simply find the pictures marked "11 Year Anniversary Contest (Vote for your Favorite)" and vote by 'Liking' your favorite picture on Facebook or Instagram! Whoo-eee! That's easy! If more than on picture 'Liked' only one entry will be given. 
***Bonus entry given for tagging a friend in the comments!

Quart Contest

Vendor: Aimee
Color: Peacoat

Vendor: Michelle
Color: Cheesecake 

Vendor: Grace
Color: Vintage Cupcake

Vendor: Sarah
Color: Aurora

Pint Contest

Vendor: Mary
Color: Peacoat

Vendor: Melissa
Color: Simplicity

Vendor: Cheryl
Color: Lazy Linen

Don't forget to vote on Facebook or Instagram for your chance to win a quart of Country Chic Paint! 

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