Monday, December 28, 2015

A Painting Secret Many DIYers Don't Know...

Our lips may not be sealed on this little painting secret, but your furniture will be! If you are someone who loves a DIY project and painting your own furniture this topic is for you! 

No matter how durable and high-quality your paint, sealing your furniture is always a good idea to ensure the long lasting beauty of the piece. Although there are dozens of different types of products on the market there are two that have captured our hearts and we wanted to share about them today! 

Tough Coat 

A clear water-based sealer meant to protect the high traffic surfaces such as kitchen cupboards, tabletops and desk tops.

This scratch-resistant topcoat has a very low odor and it will not discolor the paint. Be aware that oil-base sealers such as polyurethane will amber over time and may discolor if it is applied over a white or light colored paint. Thankfully, Country Chic's Tough Coat won't do this. Once applied it will harden crystal clear, creating a scratch resistant shell around your surface. It is also resistant to household chemicals, alcohol and water. It dries quickly (without staying tacky), and is environmentally friendly, with easy soap and water clean-up.

Fiddes & Sons Wax Polish

This product helps protect the paint against scratches and scuffs and is best used on furniture that will receive light to medium wear such as: dressers, table legs and end tables. 

Fiddes and Sons Wax Polish is AMAZING! It is butter in a can, smooth and not crumbly, it is low aromatic and defiantly not as strong smelling as other waxes we've worked with in the past. Additionally, it is toluene free, dries in 3 minutes, and can be used on both raw and painted wood. It comes in different colors too--if you wish to use your wax to add a distressed look to your piece. 

You can use a lint-free cloth to apply this, but we prefer to use a wax brushes.

Both Fiddes and Sons and Country Chic Tough Coat are available at Ramshackled Treasures. If you are local or planning on coming to see us, think about signing up for one of our painting classes, call the shop for more information!


Have you ever tried to seal your furniture? If yes, what products have you liked? Comment below, we'd love to hear from you!

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