Monday, November 16, 2015

Fresh Ideas on Blending Styles

Let's face it sometimes we get stuck. When we approach decorating, we think we have to choose one style and stick to it like a religion. One way to stimulate creativity is is explore multiple styles. 

Forget the matchy-matchy look of the 1990's-- where every room in a house was decorated with rose florals and the same brass fixtures. Decorating is about expression--an expression of you through the medium of your home and mixing vintage, modern and traditional styles in your home can actually make it look more fashionable, unique and beautiful...but this is often easier said than done. One of the best ways to learn how to blend styles is by examining how designers and fellow bloggers pulled it off.

Today, we are going to examine 5 different blended styles and simply discuss what we notice. :-). 

Vintage County

Vintage country is probably the simplest to achieve when you are blending styles as much of its evolution happens organically. The rustic and the rusty blend well for obvious reasons.

We may have noticed different things about these pictures, but to us, they all seem to stem from the same vein of well made antiques, classic neutrals and the reuse of farm implements as decor. All of it is strongly rooted in American tradition. 

French Country Modern

Bring on the glam! French Country Modern really embraces the girly love for all things *bling* while still loving the rustic and chippy.

The fun thing about Modern French Country is it can be a bit sassy--notice the modern choice of fabric upholstery on this timeless french country chair and the modern art. It doesn't always have to be antique landscapes or romantic-style paintings. 

French Country Industrial

While we're on the topic of French Country, let's bring in the industrial elements. For those who may not be familiar with the term: the Industrial style consists of raw industrial products such as pallet wood, barn lamps or old factory doors remade into home furniture, decor and architectural elements. 

French Bohemian

While this style appeals to a niche audience, it has beautiful qualities that can be appreciated by many. Generally embraced by artist, home decorators and eccentrics French Bohemian is as chaotic and colorful as it is wild and whimsical.  

Mid Century Modern 

MCM (sometimes called Organic Modern) favors neutral wall colors, 1950's 1960's furniture (often upholster with modern fabrics) and varied accents colors. It readily embraces simplicity, open spaces and and real wood furniture.

Although different, there are three similarities between these three examples: white walls, tribal patterns and lots of greenery.

Blending styles, when done thoughtfully, is one of the most interesting ways to decorate. But moreover, it should be an expression of your personality--not someone else! Don't let trends influence what makes you feel at peace and rest in your home.

What is your style? What have you noticed about blending styles or these photos that we didn't? 


  1. Love the French bohemian!!! So fun and colorful!!

    1. Isn't is great?! I'd totally decorate my house in that style if I had the guts! :)