Monday, October 12, 2015

What Happens Behind Closed Doors at Ramshackled Treasures?

When you think about the word "refresh" what first comes to mind? Is it a cold drink of water? Is it a walk in Minnesota's gorgeous fall leaves? Is it a shopping trip to Ramshackled Treasures? *wink *wink

Every Wednesday at Ramshackled Treasures the word refresh takes on a whole new meaning as we refresh our store with countless one-of-a-kind pieces! Our eighteen artists work tirelessly in designing these items to make your home more beautiful. We are passionate about creating beauty and constantly seek inspiration from each other and the world around us.

If you love refinished, shabby chic, or rustic home decor and furniture, be sure to follow us on Facebook where we post pictures of our new arrivals every Wednesday afternoon along with information regarding upcoming events and classes! 

Also, if you have had a Ramshackled Treasures piece refresh your home, tag us in your photos on Facebook! There's nothing that give us more pride than in seeing these treasures loved.

P.S- For all you Instagrammers out there we didn't forget about you ;) you can follow us @ramshackledtreasures

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