Sunday, April 5, 2015

!0th Anniversary 1st dealer highlight
Meet Stacey! 

Who would have thought that ten years ago, when I started helping the original owner, Stacy Mathison with marketing that I would become the owner two years later. For the past eight years it has become an amazing journey that has pushed me to think outside the box, learn patience and challenge me to a level that has only made me a better person. I give the success of our cute little shop to the Lord above and truly am excited to see what the next ten years have in store for Ramshackled Treasures. To all our treasured customers, thank you for loving us as you do and to continue to support us! Thank you.
To celebrate our 10th anniversary, we will be highlighting one of our amazing dealers and the creative work they do. Today - Stacey McDevitt. Owner. Click on each photo to learn more!

In the past year, I have applied my love of talking (I have a minor in speech, yeah I was one of the weird ones) and passion for refreshing furniture by starting to offer painting classes. This is my time to personally get to know our customers while educating them to learn to paint furniture like the pros. Our 3 hour classes are conducted every Thursday and cost $55. You can register online at our website

Due to the busyness of marketing and running the shop, I have made the decision to pull back on creating furniture pieces but still do the windows that are such a big hit!

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