Sunday, April 6, 2014


Welcome to the new Ramshackled Treasures blog.  We are excited to share even more information with our customers and connect with you in a whole new way.  

Ramshackled a treasures is an bustling occasional shop in Zimmerman, MN - just 45 minutes north of the Twin Cities.  Housed in the oldest house in Downtown Zimmerman, Ramshackled Treasures is full of the creations of over a dozen women.  If your looking for furniture, home decor, or small gifts, this seven-room home is the place to hunt for your treasures.

Ramshackled Treasures is all about reclaiming the beauty of the past.  We use all kinds of techniques and follow the trends in the marketplace to make one-of-a-kind products for you.

Be sure to sign up for the news feeds as we share information about techniques, trends and events in the area. We will also introducing you to our team of dealers.  We will share what inspires us and what we love to create for you.

We will see you back here for news about our booth at Junk Bonanza later this week. 

- Your Friends at Ramshackled Treasures.

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